Quick Chocolate Tempering in the microwave

Temper chocolate in microwave oven
The objective of the tempering chocolate is to pre-crystallize the cocoa butter chocolate, this being related to the use of the chocolate temperature. During tempering, the chocolate, cocoa butter takes a stable crystal form. It ensures the hardness, strength, shrinkage and gloss of the finished product once cooled. If the chocolate is melted normally (between 40 and 45 ° C) and then cooled to operating temperature, the finished product will be bright. If you make the effort to use a special method to bring the chocolate to its proper working temperature, you are guaranteed to get the desired end result. And that’s what we mean by tempering: bring the chocolate to its good temperature use to obtain sufficiently stable crystals. The three factors which are important during tempering are time, temperature and lots of stirring.(continue below photos)

This method works for a small amount of 100 gr. 3times or more  works even better if you can use that much tempered chocolate.
1. Pour 2/3 of the grated chocolate in a plastic bowl * not glass that retains too much heat.
2. Put the bowl in the microwave and melt at 800-1000 W
3. Remove from the microwave every 15 to 20 seconds and stir once it starts to melt to ensure that the temperature is distributed evenly, and that it does not burn.
4. Repeat this process until the chocolate is  completely melted. Some small pieces might remain visible in the bowl.
5. Add 1/3 of the grated chocolate and mix well, stir the chocolate until all the pieces  have disappeared and a slightly thickened smooth mass has been obtained: the chocolate is tempered and ready for use.
6.Reheat so slightly if needed on 800 W 10 seconds, stir to spread the heat evenly.
7. Make a test on a knife. The chocolate should harden to the touch in 2 minutes.
8. If the chocolate does not,  it is too hot. to fix, add more grated chocolate (which is tempered) to it .Stir 2 minutes ,then test again.

Use clean aluminum foil or parchment paper to mold chocolate on.

If adding nuts, grill them first in a 170°C oven, then chop & cool before adding them to your chocolate.

The chocolate molds must be free of water deposits , rub them well with a dry paper towel.

To create a flat shape, pour the chocolate onto a paper, spread with a spatula to 2 mm thick, tap the tray to smooth the surface slightly. Once the surface will dull and not stick to the touch you can cut your shape with a sharp knife.
Hardening the chocolate in the refrigerator is fine, but then store in an airtight box to prevent condensation on the chocolate.
 : Temperatures vary according to the type of chocolate. For milk chocolate: make lower the temperature to 27-28 ° C, then up to 29-30 ° C. For white chocolate, richer in cocoa butter, cooldown to 26-27 ° C and go up to 28-29 ° C  only .

2016 Easter bunnies made in old metal molds
Easter chocolate traditional “fish”
Flat stackable egg shapes
Easter chocolat
Chocolate dippingtrimmed with jimmies to look like tea.
dipping in dark chocolate
Almond Guanaja Chocolate to go.
Wrapped for a gift
photo 5
Easter workshop 2016

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