French “Sunday” Apple Tart

Another family favorite is my apple tart served with vanilla ice cream.Here are the chefs steps to success this tart every time.

  • The apples you choose are crucial, if i can’t find the right apples, i don’t make the tart.The variety must be cooking apples , but every region might have a different nae or variety that work.Here in Geneva, the best are Canada Grey, very ugly apples.There is also Braeburn ,Fuji or even Golden’s are good as long as they are not to fresh.
  • Hot hot hot! The oven should be preheated to 200°C on fan setting. This will cook the apples and the crust golden without drying out the apples.
  • Rack it! To have a crisp crust cool the tart off the tray on a cookies rack (grille). Any crust will become soggy if cooled on the tray.

For a 6-8 servings

6 Large Canada grey apples

1  32 cm round puff pastry pre-rolled sheet

2 table spoons of melted butter

1/4 cup sugar

1 sheet parchment paper

Pre-heat the oven to 200°C fan or 210°C conventional heat.

Peel and core the apple halves, if you have trouble coring the halves quartered apples work too the tart will just have a different appearance.Then using a sharp knife slice the apple very thin.IMG_0289

On the parchment paper (i use a black cooking sheet in the photo) sprinkle a generous layer of sugar. This will caramelize under the crust and make it extra crisp.Roll out the puff pastry and prick with a fork.

You can add a thin layer of applesauce if you are afraid the apples are dry.

With your left hand, flatten the sliced apple like a deck of cards and slide onto a spatula.Turn & shape the batch to fit the curve of the tart so you can easily place it .


Turn the tray putting the apples almost to the edge of the crust.

Generously brush the apples with the melted butter then sprinkle with sugar.IMG_0300

Cook in the hot oven 20 to 30 minutes until golden brown .With a spatula check the color under the crust.Cool the tart 20 minutes on a rack before serving. Reheat before serving if prepared ahead.Serve with vanilla icecream .KIMG_0250


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