Dark Chocolate Cupcakes


These are extremely light cupcakes that resemble the box-mix american style and can be easily personalized by adding

a spoonful of cinnamon, coffee powder , orange zest or chocolate chips.But they should be eaten the same day.Enjoy!K

Chocolate cupcakes


12 large cupcakes

25 gr cacao powder good quality ,like  Valrhona

100 gr boiling water

1 egg

1 egg yolk

84gr butter

112gr sugar



1 tsp baking soda, (bicarbonate )

150 gr flour

In a bowl, Pour le hot water onto the cacao powder and set asideWisk by hand or with a mixer,

The butter , sugar & salt, then add the eggs. Mix in the slightly cooled chocolate mixture folloxed by the flours & baking soda. Fill the cupcake liners ¾ full & bake 30 to 30 minutes.180°C, 190°C for mini cupcakes.

To store, do not refrigerate, keep in an airtight tin or freeze then well wrapped



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