Designer Halloween Cookies

6Halloween is one of my favorite Holiday celebrations. Maybe it is because it is in Autumn, i love fall, or because of the pumpkins , abondance

of cinnamon, apples and loads of Kids in costumes. We always go all out to decorate the house and put out a buffet spread for the neigborhood friends. These are Pictures of this years sugar Cookies (recipe see saiboat post) I wanted to make a  chic adult selection to bring to my decorator friends Halloween Party. I really like the results which seem well balanced insofter Halloween Colors.

The skull Cookies are glazed in Valrhona chocolate not royal icing as the others are. All of the decoratons for the pumpkin mini cupcakes and featherlight cakes are made from chocolate.

The witches heads were cut out of thinly rolled out black Fondant that i applied onto the royal icing orange base while it was still wet.For the  cute Little Skeletons i used  gingerbread man cutter on chocolate sugar Cookie dough.K


7 FullSizeRender FullSizeRender3 FullSizeRender5 FullSizeRenderh IMG_5420DSC00013IMG_3576


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