Fortune Cookies

Fortune cookies

Here I have listed 3 recipe  quantities  for either  1/ 3/ or 9 egg whites depending on how many Fortune cookies you want to make. This batter is also good for  cooking decorative  bands or ribbons to wrap around make these the batter is spread & cooked then cut into bands while still hot. Try the small recipe first. K


1/or  3 /or 9      egg whites

30gr/or 125/or 270gr   Powdered sugar

30gr/ 125/ 270gr   flour

30gr /110/ 270gr  melted butter

Mix all the ingredients together & let it rest 1 hour.

Preheat the oven to 190°C .

The batter must be spread out very thinly and  evenly so that they will cook up evenly & crispy . I make a template by cutting an 7-8cm circle out of a peice of thin cardboard, like the sheets on the back of a notebook pad. Then you use a flat metal spatula to smooth the batter into the circle on baking paper, carefully pull off the template and spread out a second circle.

Only cook 2 or 3 at a time because they harden very quickly once out of the oven and you need time to shape each fortune cookie.

Cook them 5-7 minute until they are golden. Then work quickly, place the strip of paper with your proverb onto the ccookie circle, fold it in half & pinch together the outer edges.

Place immediately into a muffin tin so that they harden in the desired shape.

Store when cooled in an air tight container. They keep 1 week. You may freeze the raw batter. K




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